IT 투자 평가를 위한 지표 도출 및 투자관리체계에 관한 연구 -A사의 구축사례를 대상으로- - 경영전문블로그 Innovator

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2020년 8월 2일 일요일

IT 투자 평가를 위한 지표 도출 및 투자관리체계에 관한 연구 -A사의 구축사례를 대상으로-

(출처: 장강일. Entrue Journal of Information Technology, 2002년 7월 제1권 제1호)

논문 다운로드 (LG CNS, Entrue 저널 사이트)

This study discusses the prior researches on concepts regarding the analysis of IT investment effect in an organization as proposed from academic and professional perspectives. In addition, we looked at the possible issues that can arise from implementation stage based on the example of development of IT investment management process at Company A. This study makes contribution in examining the potential issues and their relevant solutions when implementing the management process/system of IT investment based on the case of Company A. At Company A, there is much knowledge that is being adopted directly from suggested principles of the academic and professional fields as employee needs and requirements are met in advance. But, there is customized knowledge as well in order to best describe the specific situation. We partly try to distinguish the concepts and realities by understanding the core issues involving the IT investment management process/system and make practical suggestions for the companies that plan to implement the efficient IT investment management process/system in the future.

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