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2020년 8월 2일 일요일

IT 투자 의사결정요인에 관한 연구

(출처: 장강일. Entrue Journal of Information Technology, 2003년 1월 제2권 제1호)

논문 다운로드 (LG CNS, Entrue 저널 사이트)

Researchers are conducting a number of studies on the topics of cost and impact analysis, productivity measurement, evaluation of information economics, etc. related to the information technology (IT) investment and factors affecting IT adoption. Many researchers are interested in these key research topics in information technologies. In spite of many researches in the field, the research on analysis of individual decision making is relatively lacking in comparison with the researches about IT value measurement in terms of cost against benefit. This research was conducted with a goal to examine the individual characteristics that affect IT adoption and diffusion in an organization. We identify the factors affecting the perception and attitude about information technologies and determine the individual differences in each factor by analyzing the relationships among the related research variables in the model. We conducted the survey by targeting the companies, which effectively use information systems, in the manufacturing and service industry, and we analyzed the individual differences in IT knowledge, experience, perception, response, attitude, etc. and their interactive relationships. Through this research, we want to improve the individual’s perception of IT adoption and improve the level of IT utilization by understanding the real value of IT.

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